The new rooms: a great work of modernization.
The traditional rooms: Holiday Home and the sober hospitality.

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The new rooms .

A great work of renovation, to let hospitality be much more pleasant.

The new rooms become more comfortable and completely restored. We have checked the optimal soundproofing standards. A careful illuminating engineering study through direct light, the new environmentally friendly beds make your stay a very relaxing experience. All rooms are provided with TV, air-conditioning, more comfortable shower. 
The traditional rooms .

They are available shortly and then will be replaced by the new rooms.

They reflect the familiar sobriety style that has always been a valuable feature of the hospitality of Trinitarians Fathers. They are provided with air-conditioning.

Card of maximum prices:

Double for single use     €.  90,00

Triple                              €.160,00

Twin/Double room         €.140,00
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