Familiar by inclination, welcoming by vocation.
A three-minute walk to reach the centre of the catholic world.
For careful travellers, not for simple tourists.

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The duty of a rule of life, the pleasure of offering true hospitality .

The Guest House of St. Maria alle Fornaci (Saint Mary at the Furnaces), born for the Christian solidarity, is today a travel experience out of ordinary.

The word home includes a feeling of pleasant serenity, the emotion tied to conviviality, an extraordinary sense of family. The careful traveller will find here food for his curiosity and inspiration for his path. In effect, this experience is enhanced by the proximity to the hub of the catholic world: a three-minute peaceful walk leads to St. Peter’s Colonnade, after other three minutes there is St. Angelo’s Bridge: an impressive scenery that fascinates the soul and makes the travel really unique.

The Church of St. Maria delle Grazie alle fornaci.

Its building began in 1694. The facade, dating back to 1727 under Benedetto XIII (maybe after a plan by Filippo Raguzzini), shows stylistic similarities with the facade of the oratory of Philippines by Borromini. The relief on the entrance portal, made of stucco, represents “the liberation of slaves”. The image of the Virgin, commissioned to the painter Gilles Hallet from Liegi, is kept inside the church, on the main altar. The canvas shows the Madonna with the blessing Child holding the globe in his left hand. Next to the church there is the cloister built between 1721 and 1725 to house the Apostolic College for missions.

The fathers of the Order of the Holy Trinity.

Since its birth in 1198, the Order of the Holy Trinity offers a humanitarian service: it was born during the “holy wars”, but with the aim of rescuing prisoners. Its founder was Saint Giovanni de Matha, from Provence, educated in Paris and magister at university. The Trinitarians have always been devoted to offer hospitality by vocation. The Guest House of St. Maria alle Fornaci wants to be a sign of continuity of the divine grace of Trinitarians, urged to renew their project of welcome, since the fulfilment of the eighth centenary of their rule of life in 1998, reaching the special Jubilee in 2015.

A great work of renovation to let hospitality be more pleasant.

The Guest House St. Maria alle Fornaci is in the midst of a historical change: a work of renovation that starts from the upper floors up to the lowest ones is in progress. The new rooms become more comfortable, without losing the nature of family that has always been a valuable feature of the hospitality of the Trinitarian Fathers.

“Eternity is in love with the works of the time” .

(William Blake)

“This parish is the nearest to St. Peter’s among the others in Rome. From my windows I can see this church, its facade accompanying closely all my days. I surely see the building of the church but I also see the Church led by the Trinitarians, a very old order based upon the mystery of Trinity”.

(from a speech of John Paul II in 1992)

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